National CD rate averages

Here's a look at the state of interest rates on five common consumer banking products and the latest rates from's weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts conducted Sept. 9, 2009.


Yields: 0.98 percent (1-year CD yield); 2.23 percent (5-year CD yield)

It's déjà vu all over again. The averages for the CD yields highlighted in this report barely budged this week. Perhaps the long slide is ending, but who knows? We can only hope that the situation is stabilizing. The stock markets have been partying for six months. Investors who have been hoarding cash in CDs may be so fed up with low yields that they'll be willing to put some of it to work in equities. If the dormant federal funds rate is keeping banks from raising rates, maybe money walking out the door will spur them.

The average yield for one-year CDs stayed put at 0.98 percent for the second week in a row. The five-year average yield came in at 2.23 percent for the third consecutive week.

On the jumbo side, the one-year remains at 1.06 percent for the second week. Its five-year counterpart is the only maturity that moved; it fell 1 basis point to 2.26 percent.

The average yield for money market accounts held firm at 0.35 percent for the second week.

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-- Laura Bruce



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