SunTrust Bank

With more than 1,600 retail banking centers and more than 2,800 ATMs, SunTrust Bank has a strong presence throughout the Southeast and Middle Atlantic regions with customers across Florida, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. While the bank's history dates back to 1891, the current SunTrust Bank was formed in 1985 when the Trust Company of Georgia and SunBanks Inc., merged. It is now the ninth biggest bank in America.

Headquartered in Atlanta, SunTrust is a member of the FDIC and offers a variety of banking services for its customers.

Personal banking with SunTrust Bank

  • Checking.
  • Savings.
  • Credit cards.
  • IRAs and retirement.
  • Mutual funds.
  • Investing.
  • Loans -- home, auto, education and more.
  • Private wealth management -- trust funds and estate administration.
  • Money market.
  • CDs.

Free online and mobile banking

SunTrust provides free access to all traditional online and mobile banking capabilities to its customers.

Credit cards

SunTrust offers customers three types of Visa credit cards, two of which can earn rewards redeemable for a variety of travel, cash-back options and other awards.

SunTrust financial security

The 2008 housing crisis had a big impact on SunTrust, and the U.S. government's bank stress tests asked the bank to raise $2.2 billion to boost its capital. Florida and Georgia had two of the highest rates of foreclosure, and many of these were SunTrust loans. However, SunTrust raised the necessary funds and continues to offer banking and lending services to its customers. Check out SunTrust Bank's Safe & Sound rating on

The SunTrust Bank corporate headquarters are located here:

303 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

To reach the headquarters, call (404) 588-7711 or use the bank's toll-free number at (800) 786-8787. The SunTrust bank website also features a live chat option to help customers with account maintenance and other banking inquiries.

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