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College Financing Basics: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Sizing up the challenge
    College costs rise every year, but few students pay the full sticker price. Discover how to maximize financial aid opportunities and how to search for the college best suited for your student.
  • Chapter 2: Building a college fund
    Get the details on creating, growing and tapping college investment plans such as 529s, prepaid tuition plans and education bond programs.
  • Chapter 3: Last-minute financing
    Yikes! Your star is a senior and college funds are nonexistent. Don't panic. There are plenty of ways to reduce expenses and finance college costs even at this late date.
  • Chapter 4: Where to find the money
    Financial aid opportunities come in a variety of ways from a number of sources including your state and federal government, colleges and even employers.
  • Chapter 5: Paying off student loans
    Learn how to manage your student loans, how and when to consolidate them, and ways to get them forgiven forever.

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