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6 steps to get started with mobile banking

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Give yourself a text trial period
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If downloading mobile banking apps doesn't appeal to you just yet, start by talking to your bank the same way you talk to your friends, via text messaging.

"Text banking allows customers to get quick snapshots of their account balances and recent transactions," says Tom Trebilcock, vice president of e-business and payments at Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group.

While texting can warn you of low balances and provide you with banking updates, Trebilcock says texting does not allow customers to make transactions and is for data exchange only.

Still, texting with your bank can provide an introduction to the convenience of managing your finances while you're on the move.

Deanna Maas, chief administrative officer at ViewPoint Bank in Plano, Texas, says the bank's mobile capabilities give customers the option for weekly balance updates and notifications if their balances fall below a certain amount. This first step includes relatively low security risks.

"It's important to note that text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts, and messages will never contain full account numbers," Maas says.

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