7 financial habits that increase bank fees

Taking money out of the wrong ATM
Taking money out of the wrong ATM © Maksim Shmeljov/

Taking out cash from an ATM that isn't associated with your bank can be costly. The average surcharge that banks charge non-customers who use their ATMs climbed 6.5 percent to $2.77, while the average fee banks charge their own customers for going to an outside ATM also rose to a new high of $1.58, according to the 2014 Bankrate Checking Survey.

On top of that, your bank might include an extra charge for using an ATM that isn't in its network. If you're traveling, or are not sure where your bank's closest ATM is, check the bank's website or use a phone app to locate one nearby.

For times when you need to withdraw from an ATM that isn't in your bank's network, calculate how much cash you plan to spend. Then make sure your withdrawal is large enough to avoid a second trip to the ATM.

ATM fees are the same whether you withdraw $20 or $200, and you may be able to avoid additional fees for taking out more cash in the near future.


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