6 tips for controlling prepaid card fees

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Use prepaid card's in-network ATMs
Use prepaid card's in-network ATMs © sanjagrujic/

Choose a prepaid card that offers free use of cash machines to customers, says Benjamin Katz, CEO and co-founder of in Santa Monica, Calif.

"Our customers pay no surcharge at the ATM and are billed $3 by," Katz says. "However, if the customer loads $800 in a month onto the card, the first three $3 ATM fees are refunded the same day."

In a big city, you can usually find an ATM within your network, but in rural areas it may be more challenging. Katz suggests using the card issuer's phone app or website to find the closest ATM when traveling outside metropolitan areas. You also can use the cash-back feature at grocery stores or other retailers when making a small purchase to avoid ATM fees.

Katz also recommends keeping a $20 bill in your purse or wallet for occasions when an ATM isn't nearby.


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