Threat may make car dealer refund cash

Dear Terry,
I was in desperate need of a car, so I purchased one on a Friday. The next day, I went to return the car to the dealership due to my high dissatisfaction with the vehicle and the way I was treated at the dealership.

This particular dealership is running ads and has posters stating that if you are not satisfied with the vehicle, you can get a 100 percent money-back guarantee, as long as the vehicle is returned within three days from date of purchase. They even told me this was the case.

The dealership refused to take the car on Saturday, as well as on Monday. On Tuesday, they finally agreed to take back the vehicle. However, they are refusing to return my deposit, even though they kept on saying that I can and will get my deposit back no matter what. What can I do to receive my deposit?
-- J

Dear J.,
Do you have anything in writing about being eligible for the three-day satisfaction guarantee? If not, your best bet is to contact your state consumer affairs division and have them start an investigation of the dealership's false advertising. Simply the threat of doing that may prompt the dealer to cough up your deposit.

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