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6 small cars you can park anywhere
Smart fortwo
  • Smart fortwo

  • Starting price: $12,490
  • Gas mileage: 34 mpg city/38 mpg highway

The Smart fortwo is a smart choice for any driver angling to fit into a tight spot. With a length of 8.8 feet and a width of 5.1 feet, the smart car is definitely a two-seat affair. But with 41.2 inches of legroom, the cabin has plenty of space for most drivers.

On the outside, the Smart fortwo boasts a body that is lightweight, customizable and 100 percent recyclable. Fashion-forward drivers can even mix and match different colored panels for a unique look. But while the panels are lightweight, this small car's frame is solid, with a patented Tridion safety cell that Mercedes-Benz engineers modeled after a race car roll cage.

Smart's engine isn't blowing anyone's doors off, and some reviewers report lackluster performance on the highway. Even so, with highway mileage of 38 miles per gallon, you won't have to stop for gas too often. Still, there is a downside at the pump. The car requires premium gasoline, which can eat away at the savings you get with its double-digit gas mileage.

On the upside, when it's time to locate fuel, tech-savvy drivers will certainly appreciate the iPhone app, named "Smart drive," which turns your phone into an in-car music, phone, navigation and roadside assistance system.



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