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6 small cars you can park anywhere
Scion iQ
  • Scion iQ

  • Starting price: $16,020
  • Gas mileage: 36 mpg city/37 mpg highway

You won't win any races with the Scion iQ, but even if you arrive late, you'll be able to make the most of the tiny parking spaces the larger cars gave up because the Scion iQ is only about 10 feet long and 5 feet 6 inches wide. For such a small car, it may surprise some to see a back seat. But roomy rear seating may not be the Scion's strongest selling point. While it can reportedly fit up to four adults, many reviewers describe the back-seat experience as cramped.

On the downside, the Scion iQ doesn't have much power, and some reviewers have found that the 1.3-liter, 94-horsepower engine and a continuously variable transmission conspire against the Scion's performance, especially when you consider that the car weighs slightly more than 1 ton without passengers or cargo. But if you favor safety over speed, the Scion iQ does come with 11 air bags, including two at the knees for the driver and front passenger as well as one in the rear window to protect a back-seat passenger's head in a collision.



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