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6 small cars you can park anywhere
Mini Cooper
  • Mini Cooper

  • Starting price: $20,400
  • Gas mileage: 29 mpg city/37 mpg highway

True to its name, the Mini Cooper is built for a tight squeeze. At its widest point, the Mini checks in at 6 feet 3 inches with a length of 12 feet 3 inches. While that may seem like a handful, it's important to keep in mind that the Mini Cooper offers a legitimate back seat, something you won't find with all two-door cars.

The cargo area offers 24 cubic feet with the rear seat down. The carmaker says the Mini can fit four "large guys," although drivers taller than 6 feet 6 inches might want to consider the convertible.

To prove that this small car can handle a heavy payload, the Mini's website claims that the car can carry up to 15 bags of instant cement.

Indeed, most Mini Cooper drivers buy the car for its sporty appeal, and on that front, it doesn't disappoint. With a 1.6-liter, 121-horsepower engine, a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, and performance suspension, the Mini packs a solid punch.

To keep you safe, Mini has built several active safety features, including dynamic stability control that measures the steering angle of your wheels and kicks in with a correction if you start to drift.



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