7 roomy cars for Black Friday shopping

Cars for a Black Friday shopping trip
Cars for a Black Friday shopping trip ©Ford Motor Company

To help people who plan their day-after-Thanksgiving shopping spree in hopes of nabbing a $10 laptop, Bankrate assembled a list of the best cars for Black Friday. After all, getting the right 2014 vehicle to the appropriate locations is a major factor in any successful Black Friday campaign.

Most of Bankrate's picks are relatively tidy in size for easy maneuvering around busy streets and in crowded mall parking lots. Despite their smaller size, most of these picks still provide lots of cargo room to haul gifts home.

Every vehicle on this list was named by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as either a "2013 top safety pick" or "2013 top safety pick plus."

Finally, fuel economy didn't play a major role in building this list, but each delivers at least an estimated 20 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Most get much better than that.

Bankrate doesn't think most shoppers want to shift gears in congested Black Friday traffic. So, prices include an automatic transmission but don't include delivery charges. As priced, each pick features at least six air bags, power windows, power door locks, power outboard mirrors, trip computer, iPod interface and Bluetooth connectivity. "Maximum cargo capacity" is with all seats behind the front row folded.

Grab one of Bankrate's picks, make sure you take your wallet and let Black Friday begin.

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