Retro car: 2013 Ford Fiesta

7 retro cars rumble into the present
2013 Ford Fiesta
  • 2013 Ford Fiesta

  • Starting price: $14,200
  • What's retro: European styling, fuel efficiency
  • What's modern: Plusher, more attractive

The latest-generation Ford Fiesta returned to the North American market in 2010 and revived an earlier model that was last sold here in 1981. Like the original Fiesta, the new Fiesta relies on European styling and fuel efficiency to attract U.S. customers in an era of high U.S. fuel prices.

The old Fiesta was a relatively Spartan "econobox" Americans bought out of dire necessity to save money on gas -- or because they couldn't afford anything better.

The new Fiesta, especially the hatchback, is much more attractive and sporty looking. It comes with a fairly high level of standard features, including heated, leather-trimmed front seats. Gas mileage is as high as an EPA-estimated 40 mpg on the highway with an aerodynamic feature that minimizes air resistance and offers an optional six-speed automatic transmission. The base model retro car, with a five-speed manual, gets 39 mpg.



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