5 practical SUVs with solid safety ratings

Auto » 5 Practical SUVs With Solid Safety Ratings

2014 Ford Explorer
2014 Ford Explorer
  • Starting price: $29,600
  • Engine specs: 3.5 liters, six cylinders
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 17 mpg city
    • Highway - 24 mpg highway

The Explorer has enhanced technology to deal with adverse road conditions, including rain, gravel and ice.

Specifically, its AdvanceTrac with roll stability control technology uses sensors to monitor the vehicle's roll rate and "yaw rate" (rotational speed). In the event of a wheel slip, roll motion, understeer or oversteer, this technology helps the driver keep control of the vehicle. The roll stability control also includes a curve control feature that will slow down the vehicle if it senses that the SUV is going too quickly around a curve.

The Explorer has an air bag system called Safety Canopy. It includes side-curtain air bags combined with a rollover sensor to protect occupants' heads and chests in certain rollover and side-impact accidents. The Safety Canopy air bag remains inflated for up to several seconds to help prevent an occupant from being ejected from the vehicle after an accident. The Explorer also comes standard with a front passenger knee air bag.

The Explorer received a five-star overall rating from NHTSA. It comes with a selection of 10 sporty colors, including ruby red, deep impact blue and Kodiak brown.


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