Fall 2009 Auto Guide
New and redesigned Honda Insight

Honda Insight

Honda may have retained the name of its first hybrid model, but the 2010 Honda Insight is a far different vehicle than its predecessor. The original two-seater has been replaced with a five-passenger hatchback. Customers can choose between two trim levels: LX and EX. While both appear the same on the outside, inside the EX adds features like steering wheel-mounted cruise control, shifter and audio controls to the list of standard equipment. Like the Toyota Prius, Insight offers a folding rear seat that helps extend its cargo capacity. EPA-estimates put Insight's mileage at 40 city/43 highway mpg, though optimum driving conditions may boost these figures even higher. Standard safety features include side-impact and side curtain airbags. Electronic stability control is also available on the EX.

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