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Auto » 5 Mountain Cars For Ski Bums On A Budget

5 mountain cars for ski bums on a budget
Subaru Legacy
  • Subaru Legacy

  • Base price: $20,295
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 21 mpg
    • Highway - 28 mpg

The 2013 models are available in four-cylinder or six-cylinder engines. Subaru says the Subaru Legacy handles better and drives more smoothly than in previous years, making it one of the most reasonably priced mountain cars.

Performance: This is the only car in its class to offer all-wheel-drive as standard equipment, which helps with making a quick response in slippery conditions. The car's stability control helps keep it on the driver's intended path.

Safety: The car's EyeSight system, an option on some models, comes with two cameras mounted on the rearview mirror and alerts the driver if the car wanders out of its lane or if the driver should brake to avoid a collision. Four-wheel antilock brakes come standard on the Subaru Legacy model.

Cargo capacity: The cargo volume is 14.7 cubic feet, and the rear seat folds completely down or you can split it, allowing you to carry large items and one passenger at the same time.

Features: A dual-zone climate control lets the driver and passenger set their own ideal temperatures. Heated seats, a ski attachment and accompanying hardware that holds six pairs of skis can be added.


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