5 of the most expensive states to drive

The priciest states for car owners
The priciest states for car owners © SeanPavonePhoto/

Is car insurance squeezing your budget? Try living in Rhode Island, where motorists pay $237 a year more than the national average. Are you tired of the taxes and fees that come with your car? Don't complain to drivers in Georgia, who pay nearly $900 per year above the national average.

The cost of owning a car varies by thousands of dollars across the United States, according to Bankrate's first-ever Car Cost Index, which ranked states according to which ones took the biggest bite out of your budget.

The index compares the cost of car ownership for every state. Bankrate determined these costs using aveaverage car insurance costs provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, average repair costs from, and taxes and fees from Kelley Blue Book. Gasoline spending was estimated using average pump prices for 2012 from Bankrate didn't include data on vehicle depreciation in its analysis, since geography isn't a major factor in determining that cost.

Here, in order from least to most expensive, are the five most expensive states to drive in and why they rank so high.


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