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Coupe -- Two-door vehicles typically smaller and sportier. While there may be some performance attributes to these coupes, we have not included two-door models that are built for all-out performance. Those can be found under the sports car category. Go »
Crossover -- The sport-utility market has splintered into two distinct types of vehicles -- traditional SUVs based on pickup truck frames that generally are the largest vehicles in the category, and crossover SUVs that are usually based on a car chassis and provide better fuel economy than a traditional SUV. In this category we only rank those vehicles that can trace their architecture to a car-based chassis. Go »
Minivan -- The people-haulers of the market, typically front-wheel-drive vans that can carry at least six people and as many as nine in some seating configurations. Go »
Pickup -- The ultimate utility vehicle with an open cargo bed and either two or four doors. This category includes small, mid- and full-sized pickups with differing cargo bed sizes, engine choices and two- or four-wheel-drive options. Choices here are the most popular two-wheel-drive models. Go »
Sedan -- Four-door vehicles available in almost every price range and with countless options. This category includes the most popular family vehicles with the most popular engine choices in a range from affordable to luxury. Go »
Sport utility vehicles -- The combination cargo and people-haulers many families find attractive for their utility and style. This category includes a range of prices and equipment, with the choices being vehicles with the most popular engine choices and chassis configurations. Go »

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