2010 Spring Auto Guide
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Comparing hybrid cars by the numbers

2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid
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MSRP: $27,500
Cost to own, 5 years: $40,302*
Cost to own, per mile: 54 cents*
City/highway/combined mileage: 35/33/34
EPA maximum driving range:
City -- 700
Highway -- 660
Combined -- 680
Annual fuel cost: $1,248**
Greenhouse gases emitted: 4.35***

*Based on Edmunds.com True Cost to Own tool, including estimated tax, insurance, maintenance, repair and financing costs for the first five years of ownership. It is a comparative tool, not a predictive tool. Costs will vary.
**EPA estimate assuming 15,000 miles per year; per-gallon fuel costs $2.83 for regular unleaded gasoline and $3.06 for premium.
***EPA estimate on tons of greenhouse gases emitted by vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year.




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