7 cars to test ride at Chicago Auto Show

Kia Soul
Kia Soul
  • Test-drive notes: The ideal urban warrior, Soul is easy to park yet has loads of interior space.
  • Price Range: $14,900 to $20,300
  • Best gas mileage:
    • City - 24
    • Highway - 30
    • Combined - 26

Kia credits Soul with changing its culture and amping up brand-wide sales. Redesigned for 2014, Soul is longer and wider than last year's model. When driving it, you can feel the extra heft. It's sort of a grown-up version. Still, it comes in a bunch of fun colors, and its upper trim levels have silly names ("+" and "!").

But, there is nothing silly about the gobs of standard features found in even the base model that include Bluetooth connectivity, a trip computer and full-power accessories.

Powering the base model is a 130-horsepower, four-cylinder engine matched to a six-speed manual transmission. Moving up to the higher-end models adds a 164-horsepower, four-cylinder engine with a six-speed automatic transmission.


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