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When it comes to college, you budget for tuition and books. But what about car maintenance, parking and towing fees? I’m Janet Stauble with the Personal Finance Minute.

Bringing a car to college isn’t cheap. There’s limited parking and a slew of inexperienced drivers. It can be a pain. My own car was rear-ended and totaled on campus in my college days. And some colleges don’t even allow freshman to have cars.

So, what are students to do? A car-sharing provider called Zipcar provides car-sharing services on 225 campuses nationwide – including the University of Texas at Austin, Michigan State and the University of Richmond.

Zipcar says that students can use their cars heavily and still save money by not making a monthly car payment, or paying for the occasional tow.

Zipcar could make those occasional trips off campus less costly and worrisome. if you’re already feeling the squeeze from sky-high tuition and fees, sharing a car may just helpyou save a little more cash.

To keep up with your car news and learn more about autos, visit I’m Janet Stauble.


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