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Best sedans for you in 2011

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Toyota Camry Hybrid
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Toyota Camry Hybrid

Fuel economy: 31 city/35 highway mpg

The fact that the Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan looks almost identical to the gasoline-only Camry is precisely what makes it stand out. Priced about $1,300 more than a similarly equipped, gasoline-only Camry, the Camry Hybrid starts at about $26,400, yet its 147-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor will save you at the pump thanks to its 31 city/35 highway mpg rating.

Camry Hybrid features slightly more aggressive front-end styling than the gasoline-only Camrys. The interior styling is very similar except for a gas-mileage gauge replaces the tachometer that's in gasoline-only models and the trunk space is slightly smaller due to the high-voltage battery pack. The Toyota Camry Hybrid also has more upscale standard features than the base, gasoline-only Camry. Those include electronic stability and traction control, MP3 connectivity, one-touch up/down power windows and seven air bags.




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