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Best rides in traffic
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Whether you commute 10 blocks or 10 miles, the car you drive in rush-hour traffic doesn't have to be insufferable. Traffic is an unavoidable evil for many, but the cars driven by commuters can make a big difference in whether they are comfortable and stress-free when they reach their jobs.

Commute to work in a gas-guzzling, loud and clunky car, and chances are you'll be gripping the steering wheel and cursing to the heavens. Go with a car that's easy on the wallet, fun to drive and one that blocks out all the noise in the cabin, and it's a safe bet you'll be humming all the way to your desk.

Great miles per gallon and in-car entertainment also make a difference when rush hour is part of your work-week routine. With that in mind, here's a look at five cars that will make your daily commute through rush hour a more palatable experience.

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