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Winter Car Guide
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7 must-have car accessories for winter

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All-season floor mats

Accessory: All-season floor mats.

Cost: $20 to $40 per floor mat.

If your car's interior carpet regularly takes a beating during the winter months, all-season floor mats made of rubber or vinyl offer a low-cost line of defense against winter sludge.

In the wake of the highly publicized 2010 Toyota recalls and floor mat issues, safety has become a serious concern with floor mats. Edmunds cautions that a mat must be able to engage the factory set of floor mat hooks to prevent slipping out of position and interfering with gas or brake pedals.

Edmunds cautions that a floor mat does not provide the ultimate answer for enhanced interior appearance.

"You must be careful to remove the floor mat periodically and clean below," Edmunds says. "Many are not 100 percent able to prevent slush or mud from getting in between the carpet and the mat."




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