5 easy steps to buying a new motorcycle

Find the best price

Your final price is going to include a setup or dealer-prep fee and a delivery-transportation fee, Sherman says. Some dealers also charge a premium on top of those fees.

The setup fee is for taking the motorcycle out of the crate after delivery, putting fluids in it and mounting the tires. The transportation fee is for transporting the bike to the dealership.

"In my experience of buying motorcycles, it can be several hundred (dollars) if not into the thousands for setup and delivery fees," Sherman says.

Sherman recommends shopping at more than one dealer to compare fees and extra charges. You also want to shop around because dealerships still have 2009 and 2008 models on their showroom floors and might offer them at a discount.

Sherman has found that if you pay for all or some of the bike upfront and in cash, dealers might throw in needed riding accessories at a discount.

Typically, there's not much room to negotiate on a motorcycle's price, says Sherman. If you plan to haggle, you'll have greater success if you're buying a less popular model or a motorcycle in a less desirable color.

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