5 cars to keep your New Year's resolutions

Subaru XV Crosstrek
Subaru XV Crosstrek
  • Entry-level price: $21,995
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 23 mpg
    • Highway - 30 mpg
    • Combined - 26 mpg
  • Resolution:Spend more time outdoors

To spend more time outdoors, you need to get to the outdoors. The XV Crosstrek is a fun way to do just that. Specializing in all-wheel drive, Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive is standard on all XV Crosstreks. Its highly competent all-wheel and 8.7 inches of ground clearance -- an inch more than Ford's Explorer -- mean it can get you just about anywhere you might need to go.

Turning the wheels is a 148-horsepower, 2-liter flat-four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission. Its flat design keeps the vehicle's center of gravity low for better stability on and off pavement. Standard foul-weather gear includes heated front seats, heated outboard mirrors and windshield-wiper de-icers. Bluetooth connectivity is also standard.

As capable as the XV Crosstrek is, you don't need to leave the road to enjoy it.


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