2009 Winter Auto Guide
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10 hottest-selling cars of 2009

Hyundai Genesis
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Sales: 17,784
Percent change: +347 percent
Starting price: $33,800
Why it's a winner: Size and features for the money

The Hyundai Genesis is the South Korean brand's first luxury car, and the first Hyundai with an optional V-8. It was a gamble whether customers would accept a luxury car from Hyundai. The brand is still living down a poor quality reputation from the 1980s. However, Hyundai's new cars get high marks for quality from J.D. Power and Associates. The Genesis was first introduced in June 2008. It's bigger than entry-level cars from European luxury makes, but priced lower, especially since the traditional luxury brands charge extra for features that come standard on the Hyundai, like leather seats.




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