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Chances are, your health insurance policy includes surprising and maybe even cool benefits that you don't even realize are in there. I'm Doug Whiteman with your Personal Finance Minute.

Insurers have been after employers to invest more in keeping their workers healthy, so they won't need so much medical treatment. As a result, your health plan might now contain hidden benefits to help you save money and live a better quality of life. These include free or discounted health club memberships, deals on workout apparel, personalized health coaching, coverage for weight loss surgery, and tools to help you quit smoking. Insurance even covers plastic surgery in some situations, though not necessarily for cosmetic reasons and travel costs for you and a caregiver when you have transplant surgery.

Your plan might include smartphone apps to help you make healthy food choices on the run or see ratings on doctors.

For more on surprises in your health care plan, visit I'm Doug Whiteman.


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