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Summer travel comes in different flavors, and so does the travel insurance that covers you when things go wrong away from home. I'm Doug Whiteman with your Personal Finance Minute.

Travel insurance can protect against annoyances and accidents, both common and extreme. If you're going away to visit family, you might want a basic, comprehensive travel policy to cover common problems such as lost baggage, trip cancellations or interruptions, travel delays from weather or illness, and medical care on the road.

For an overseas vacation, you might consider adding medical evacuation coverage that would bring you home to the hospital of your choice if you become sick or injured. Going on a cruise? You'd want travel insurance that offers assistance getting to the ship if you literally miss the boat because of a flight delay. There's even special insurance if you participate in extreme sports.

Risky activities such as skydiving and rock climbing aren't covered under most travel insurance policies, so you'd need to buy a rider to provide coverage if you get injured.

For more on insuring summer fun, visit I'm Doug Whiteman.


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