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Your retirement and the IRS

Can you hear the waves lapping onto the sandy shore or the ping of a tennis ball across the net as you zone out dreaming of retirement? It's important to have dreams, for sure. It's also wise to have a plan in place for funding the golden days ahead so that Uncle Sam doesn't get more than his fair share of your hard work.

Merge retirement accounts for cash and clout

Almost 17 percent of American workers have five or more separate retirement accounts, which costs them time, money and bargaining power.

Can I write off retirement plan fees?

A reader did the smart thing by rolling over his company retirement plan when he left the firm. But our tax expert says his choice of where to put his pension money doesn't do him much tax or financial good.

Reporting your retirement plan rollover

When you changed jobs, you took your company retirement plan with you. Here's how to report that to the IRS.

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Retirement savings credit

With this tax break, the money you put away for your golden years could cut your current tax bill.

Taking a retirement tax break before retiring

The retirement savings contribution tax credit gets you immediate tax benefits, long before you need your nest egg. Our expert explains how to claim it.



-- Posted: May 6, 2005




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