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Avoid the identity rip-off!

Protect your identity

How sacred is your good name? Affecting up to a half-million victims a year, identity theft can cost you years of lost wages and frustration in telephone calls to check verification companies, creditors, and credit bureaus. Most likely, you will foot the bill.

QUIZ: How safe is your identity?
Don't think identity theft can't happen to you. Just how smart are you with critical slips of paper and credit card receipts? Find out by taking this quiz.

Fed to banks: Take basic steps to stop identity theft
The Fed's supervisory letter on identity theft and pretext calling recommends what banks should do to combat identity theft and invasions of privacy. The document makes you wonder just how much common sense bank employees have.

Your name can mess up your credit report
Folks with common names have to work hard to keep their credit reports clean and free of someone else's credit mistakes.

Identity theft serves up double threat to its victims
Identity-theft victims don't make the mess. But they do have to clean it up.

New safeguards for your credit card number
Losing a credit card receipt with your full account number and expiration date on it can be just as hazardous to your financial health as losing a credit card. Anyone who picks up the stray receipt can pretty much go on a shopping spree.

Shredding on a shoestring
Any document you don't want the world to see, you better have a shredder. Here's how to shop for the best one.
Chart: The price of shredders

-- Posted: June 22, 2001


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