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Bankrate's 2008 Retirement Guide
Finding the funds
Sometimes, finding that extra bit of income can turn a retirement nightmare towards a happy ending.
Finding the funds
Check annuities for retirement rescue
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"I'm a real advocate of fixed annuities," says Warschauer, who compares it to a fixed vs. variable mortgage rate. "It's obvious with a fixed mortgage you're more secure. When you're in your retirement years, you really want to be able to count on the cash in-flow, and the fixed annuity does that." Of course, the fact that it's fixed means it doesn't go up with inflation. His recommendation: Package a growth element within your IRA or 401(k), and then shift money out into immediate fixed annuities for daily living expenses.

On the variable annuity route, consider products that come with bonuses or guarantees such as living benefit riders, says Bayne Northern, a national sales manager for Penn Mutual Life's Annuity Distribution System. Variable annuities that include bonuses "may actually 'replace' what you have just lost in the market."

But guarantees as part of a variable annuity come at an added expense, cautions Peter Miralles, president of Atlanta Wealth Consultants. In addition, he says, "Generally the guarantees are diminished when withdrawals are made while the market value is down."

Shaun Golden of Golden Wealth Management in Riverhead, N.Y., concurs about living benefit riders, which can be found in today's variable annuity contracts, offering a "lifetime of guaranteed income regardless of financial market conditions." Golden, who has positioned a portion of his clients' assets into these types of annuities, says he's getting expressions of appreciation for protecting "the income which we count on each month."

Sollmann says variable annuities with an income rider are worth considering for those who are still saving for retirement who want the potential to grow assets along with income protection, even in down markets.

For those concerned about fees, Laurence Greenberg, president and CEO of Jefferson National Life Insurance Co., suggests a low-cost, no-load variable annuity, such as the one his firm offers. It charges a flat-insurance fee of $20 per month.

4 more current annuity choices
Immediate (or income) annuity
Deferred annuity
Lifetime income annuity
Inflation-adjusted annuity

More annuity choices
Among the many other annuities available:

Immediate (or income) annuity. Available as fixed, variable or a combination of both, the immediate annuity is designed to produce a stream of income soon after its purchase. This option would generally appeal to someone age 60 or older. Deferred annuities can be annuitized to become immediate annuities. Warschauer believes fixed immediate annuities are what near-retirees and retirees should consider first.

-- Posted: Nov. 10, 2008
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