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Special section Wedding costs

The real reason anyone gets married -- gifts!

Wedding presents

Offbeat wedding registry ideas

Gear up for the outdoors by shopping sporting good retailers such as

Wine -- More popular with older couples, some people register for a wine collection and even the wine cellar, says Naylor.

Don't blush about registering with wine retailers such as

Getting the registry information to guests
Once you have a registry wish list together, consider spreading the news to your guests. It's never too early to let guests know where you're registered, say the experts, since there may be guests who are so excited about your engagement they're itching to get you a gift.

Please note, however, that there is one decidedly tacky way to spread the word.

Most retailers will print business-sized cards with your registry information on them that you can slip in with the wedding invitations. Don't indulge this temptation, however, say the experts -- it's seen as a plea for gifts. "Never, never, never put it in an invitation," says Becker. "No one is obligated to get you a wedding gift."

Instead, Ingram suggests directing guests to a personal wedding Web site. Since the Web site usually contains travel information and directions to the wedding and reception, it's expected, she says, to find registry information there. Not only is it not offensive, it's helpful to put your registry information on the site.

If you do it tastefully, that is. Becker says registry information should not go on the home page or be displayed in neon or large print. She also frowns on linking your registry to phrases such as "Buy us a gift here." It's important not to pressure your guests into gift buying.

Some traditional wedding registry sites will let you create your own wedding site, but these will be geared more toward the registry, says Naylor. Free wedding sites might restrict your registry options, so read the rules before you sign up. Wedding sites that charge you, such as, may give you more of a free reign. $60 will buy you a wedding Web site for nine months on

You can direct guests to your Web site on your save-the-date cards. Simply include a URL and mention a phrase such as "To learn more about how we met, go to our Web site at ..." Don't mention that you're directing them to your registry information.

Not sending save-the-date cards? You can include those registry cards retailers give you with the shower invitations or include the URL with the invitation, says Ingram.

Word-of-mouth, of course, still trumps other information-delivery methods.

Ready to register? See "10 tips for creating a wedding registry" for more information.

-- Updated: July 23, 2007
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