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Top pet gifts, toys and treats
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Comfort follows dogs inside as well. Beds of all shapes, colors and sizes come practical and extravagant, so choose appropriately for your pet:

Round pet pillows for all-sized dogs range from $75 to $150 at Tails in the City. Mildew-resistant indoor/outdoor pet beds retail for $50 to $90 at Solutions Catalog. One Sniffany & Co. bed from Lucky Dog will cost you $129.

Custom bedding also sells well, says Haas. If customers have a preference for specific fabrics in their homes, they just bring it in and have the bed covering made out of the same material. His store's custom price: $200 and up.

Toting Toto
Trendy totes and carriers abound for transporting toy dogs. Before you fetch one, however, know that not all pet totes are created equal.

Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, says that not all doggie totes are made as well as Paris Hilton's $1,500 designer bag, and some could actually fall apart while your dog sits in it. Check for a harness and clip, or something that prevents the dog from jumping or falling out. As with all new pet toys and accessories, consider the quality of the product and the comfort level of the animal.

"Not every dog likes being carried around like a briefcase," he says.

Also think about Toto's size.

Jan Rasmusen, co-author (with her dog, Chiclet T. Dog) of "Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care" says the bag should be "large enough to allow wiggle room, with a soft washable cushion for the bottom. Also, they're better if 'dog' shaped, rather than flat and narrow at the top."

Carriers range from $62 to $75 at Vavadog and sell for $85 to $200 at Tails in the City.

For elderly dogs who have trouble walking, pet strollers provide a solution. Strollers cost anywhere from $100 to $350 at Wigglyville and $145 for little dogs at Shure Pets.

Manic about organic
Some humans dine on organic food -- and now, so do their cats and dogs. Organic and human-quality raw treats contribute to better health when compared to highly processed and highly preserved products, says Rasmusen. For your canine's or feline's sake however, transition to an all-natural diet slowly, and learn the dos and don'ts of raw feeding before you hit the stores. For top quality, select foods that were processed in Department of Agriculture-checked plants.

"Most dogs love liver treats," she says, "but always select treats made of high-quality liver." Try liver biscotti at or check out other healthy treats at Merrick Pet Foods and

Bone up on your pet food knowledge at Rasmusen's index of suggested sites.

When Lassie gets lost
Now you see her, now you don't. Only now, you can find her.

With a pet tracking device such as Global Pet Finder, roaming Rovers can't get very far: A GPS tracking device that affixes to his collar transmits the canine's exact position on a map every minute that he's outside of a preprogrammed safe space. Cost of a pet tracker: $290.

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