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Insurance. It's one of those can't-live-with-it, can't-live-without-it things. You feel you need it to protect against the unlikely and unthinkable. But what are the chances the unlikely and unthinkable are going to happen to you? It's a risk, one way or the other. And the risks change as our lives change -- you buy a new house or car, change employers, have a baby, book a cruise. As with any risk, the more you know, the better equipped you are to deal with them -- and at a price you can afford.


Policy shopping online -- If you want to compare coverage options, stay right where you are: at your computer. You'll find plenty of information about more and more insurance offerings.

Insurance industry started in a coffee house -- The mammoth worldwide insurance industry started some 300 years ago in Edward Lloyd's coffeehouse in London. Today, Lloyd's remains ready, willing and able to insure just about anything.

Medical insurance for your pet -- Rover got a boo-boo? You can get help paying the bill.

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Most stolen car? It's debatable -- The list of most frequently stolen vehicles in the U.S. is up for debate. While Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords are at the top of some lists, they fall to the bottom of others. Here's a look at how and why that happens.

Cutting the cost of teen auto insurance -- Insuring your teenage driver is expensive, but there are some saving shortcuts.

Switching your auto coverage -- You've found a better auto insurance deal. Or have you? Before you cancel your old policy, check out these tips to make sure your switch really pays off.

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New health care options appear contagious -- So-called "consumer-driven" medical coverage includes more flexible rules on costs and doctor choice. But there's a catch: cost.

Fighting your health insurance company -- How to avoid the fight when you can, and how to win it when you can't.

Medical bills can make your credit sick -- Not paying your medical bills on time or simply getting caught up in one of those bureaucratic fights between your insurance company and a medical provider can bring serious malaise to your credit rating. Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.

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Special hazards need special coverage -- Earthquake, flood, hurricane and tornado zones often mean special insurance. Or, maybe you want protection from the low-flying 747s passing over your house.

Filling the nanny insurance gap -- All it takes is one slip down the stairs to discover your homeowners policy probably isn't what it's cracked up to be. Workers' compensation might be the answer.

What does your homeowners insurance actually cover? -- The difference between cash value and replacement value could empty your wallet.

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Living on the edge can cost you -- If you have a dangerous hobby, the most frightening thing you might encounter is your life insurance policy premium.

Variable annuities: Down but not out -- Recent changes on the tax treatment of capital gains and dividends also mean it's time for another look at variable annuities.

Longer life span lowers insurance rates -- The first new mortality tables since 1980 mean insurance premiums, especially on term policies, could drop as much as 30 percent.

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