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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Green today
Learn 153 ways to be eco-friendly while saving green.
Green today
153 ways to go green
Leisure: Quick fix
Tips » Quick fix $ Factor
Tip 98:
Drink tap water at restaurants.
Tap water is more strictly regulated than bottled water and there's no need to add tons of plastic and glass bottles and jugs -- about 60 million a day -- to landfills. And recycling them takes energy, too.
$ Factor:
You could save as much as $7 for a bottle of water and it may be safer to drink. If everyone drank tap water instead of bottled water in the U.S., it would save about $8 billion.
Tip 99:
Download music.
Download tunes instead of purchasing them at the store. Each month, more than 45 tons of CDs become obsolete -- outdated or unwanted -- and end up in landfills.
$ Factor:
The average price of a CD is about $15, whereas an album download is only about $10.
Tip 100:
Rent, don't buy, movies.
One hundred thousand DVDs and CDs are thrown away each month. So you won't be contributing to the trash pile.
$ Factor:
You could save more than $12 a pop. The average movie rents for about $4, while the average new DVD sells for more than $16.
Tip 101:
Subscribe to online newspapers.
Cancel your paper subscription altogether and get your news -- often from the same newspaper publisher -- online. Each year, 10 million tons of newspapers are tossed into landfills and aren't recycled. If just half of these were recycled, it would save 75 million trees.
$ Factor:
Picking up the daily rag at a newsstand or machine will cost you $225 to $300 a year. If you must have the paper in your hands, at least subscribe to it rather than buying single copies -- you'll save about 50 percent off the cover price.
Tip 102:
Turn off your entertainment center.
Electronics, including TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, computers, music systems and gaming consoles, consume up to 40 percent of their full operating power when switched "off" or left in standby mode. They also continue to produce heat, which increases home cooling loads. Turn them completely off all at once with a common surge protector. They'll last longer and you'll reduce your electric bill.
$ Factor:
You'll likely recoup the investment in a surge protector ($6-$10) on your first two power bills.
Tip 103:
Host a 'green' party.
Play cards or board games: They're fun, interactive, mentally stimulating and don't use a single kilowatt. Classic card games include cridge, canasta, cribbage, hearts and rummy. If you're stuck for players, there's always solitaire. Monopoly may be the king of board games, but Risk, Scrabble and Life have their devotees. For a 1980s flashback party, there's always Trivial Pursuit.
$ Factor:
A deck of playing cards costs $2; a board game ($25-$35). Recycle your newspaper into party hats.
Tip 104:
Read 'green' books.
To expand your green thoughts, check out Rachel Carson's groundbreaking "The Sea Around Us" and "Silent Spring," Peter Matthiessen's lyrical nature studies "The Birds of Heaven" and "Tigers in the Snow," and Michael Pollan's revelatory "The Botany of Desire" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma." For daily "green" tips, check out Danny Seo's eco-blog.
$ Factor:
Save a tree -- and some green -- and check these books out of your local library.
Tip 105:
Host a 'green' film fest.
You can talk about saving the earth until the icecaps melt, but a more effective way to sound the alarm might be a film festival. These thought-provoking DVDs should incite a lively discourse: "Who Killed the Electric Car," "Syriana," Leonardo DiCaprio's "The 11th Hour" and, of course, Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." To lighten the mood, finish with "The Day After Tomorrow."
$ Factor:
The five DVDs: under $25 each. The lasting wake-up call: priceless.
-- Posted: Oct. 4, 2007

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