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Bankrate's 2007 Living Green, Saving Green Guide
Fact & fiction
Many truths and untruths are circulating. What's true?
Fact & fiction
Fast Facts
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Fact: If U.S. homeowners let their grass clippings remain on the lawn, they could reduce fertilizer use by 25 percent and save 1.3 billion pounds of chemical fertilizers and more diesel fuel than Amtrak uses in six years.
Fact: If every baby born this year were bathed with a bar of baby soap instead of a bottle of body wash, the plastic packaging saved would weigh more than 200,000 pounds.
Fact: If 1 percent of the baby food jars used each year were saved and reused for other purposes, the glass saved would weigh in at 680,000 pounds, about as much as a Boeing 747.
Fact: If the use of cloth diapers went up by just 1 percent, the reductions in waste would be about the same as 14,200 households not producing any garbage for an entire year.
Fact: If every child younger than 6 today received a quality wood version of a plastic toy that could be passed down to a younger child next year, it would save 17 million pounds of plastic from going to landfills each year the toy is reused.
Fact: Replacing just two gift-wrapped boxes per household with gift cards or cash in an envelope would save 100 million pounds or more of waste.
Fact: If one out of 10 beer drinkers bought a single six-pack of glass bottles instead of a six-pack of cans, the energy saved could fly 30,000 Cowboys fans from Dallas to New York for a game against the Giants.
Fact: If Americans bought 1 percent more hybrids, the gasoline saved annually would fill nearly 4,600 tanker trucks.
Fact: If one out of every 100 car buyers bought a used car instead of a new one, the amount of steel saved annually could reconstruct the Golden Gate Bridge -- twice a year.
Fact: If 10 percent more retread tires were used, it would save about 290 million gallons of oil -- more gasoline than all the cars in the U.S. use per day -- about $900 million worth.
Fact: Nearly 29 million pounds of plastic could be saved if 5 percent of gym members who generally buy a bottle of water before each workout brought a reusable water bottle from home. It would take 200,000 people each bench-pressing 150 pounds to lift that weight.
Fact: The amount of energy needed to drive a car 40,000 miles could be saved if 10 percent more of the Americans who walk as their primary form of physical activity walked outside instead of indoors.
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