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There's not much you can't buy online. What started out as a quick and easy way to buy books and CDs has exploded into an e-tailing phenomenon that is changing the way America shops. In the second quarter of 2004 retail sales over the Internet reached $15.7 billion and experts are predicting huge increases in 2004 electronic holiday shopping. In this section we'll focus on Internet shopping -- from traditional retailers to the best of the "shopbots" and online auctions -- to cars, insurance, real estate and just about anything else you can imagine.

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 S H O P P I N G

You can shop online for anything -- You might have trouble finding some things in your neighborhood, but just about anything you can imagine can be located for sale on the Internet.

Bargain hunting in cyberspace -- Internet shopping can be faster, easier and cheaper than running from store to store. But remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Top shopbots are real bargain hunters -- Internet commerce is growing exponentially, thanks to easy navigation and search tools and to smart personal shopping agents called shopbots.

Holiday shopping on the Web -- You can stay warm and cozy and still get your holiday shopping done at bargain prices. Here's how to do it.

Buying a house online -- It can save you time, money and lots of shoe leather.

Policy shopping online -- Want to compare coverage options? Start at your computer, where you'll find plenty of info about more and more insurance offerings.

Best sites for insurance buys -- Whether you're ready to buy a policy or simply want to do some comparison shopping, these sites can help.

Want a no-haggle car deal? Buy online -- For all those buyers who would prefer a root canal to a trip to an auto dealer, take heart. Buying a car online can be a stress-free experience.

The world's largest used-car dealer -- It may surprise you, but a spin-off of auction Web site e-bay will handle more than $7 billion in transactions this year.

Shopping online for budget aid -- If you're searching cyberspace for household budgeting tools, here's help.

How to bid safely in online auctions -- As the feds target fraud, here's what to watch out for and how to protect yourself.

Let someone else do the e-selling for you -- Know you could make a bundle by auctioning that heirloom lamp online, but don't feel 'Net-savvy enough to tackle the task? Then let an auction drop-off service do it for you.

New Nigerian scam suckers Internet sellers -- The latest spin-off of the Nigerian letter scam offers top-dollar sales to online sellers of high-ticket items.

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