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To manage your family finances effectively in today's complex world it takes more than just balancing your checkbook. That's where your home computer and the Internet come in. We'll show you how to get yourself set up -- the hardware and software you'll need -- how to get yourself organized and how to manage various aspects of your financial life. There's even advice on financial management courses you can take online, including help on planning your retirement. We'll also give you fair warning on the dangers lurking from phishers and scammers.

eMoney Guide
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A D V I C E / T I P S

Organizing your financial life -- It sounds like a great idea, but how do you go about it? Follow these easy steps to getting started.

Everything you need for Internet finances -- A basic rundown on the hardware, software and connectivity you'll need to take control of your finances on the Internet.

Choosing an ISP: Some are free -- To get connected the first step is choosing an Internet Service Provider. And next, what's the best way for you to link up?

Keep track of all your accounts in one place -- Good news: Your bank cards, store cards and online brokerage accounts can be tracked in one central location.

8 most-common Internet scams -- Con artists are always dreaming up new ways to snag our money, but all their tricks revolve around eight basic scams. Know them, and you can avoid any new high-tech variant.

Dealing with identity theft -- Identity theft may the fastest-growing crime in America, but it's had to rack up some pretty impressive numbers to get taken seriously.

Online banking customers beware -- The recent attack on an Internet Explorer flaw reinforces the importance of protecting your financial information in cyberspace.

Bankrate's guide to e-mailing money -- New e-mail-based payments are fast and convenient, but how secure?

Planning your retirement online -- While it's always a good idea to consult with a professional, you can get a good idea of your retirement outlook and strategies over the Internet.

Online toolbox for retirement planning -- There's no shortage of calculators and other technology-based gadgets you can use to plan your retirement. Here's a toolbox full for you to try.


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