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Special section Save on back-to-school shopping

Find out if your state offers tax breaks on back-to-school shopping and what the rules are for the discount.

2009 tax holiday schedule

2009 tax holiday schedule


  • Tax holiday dates: July 30 to Aug. 2
  • General exempt items: Peach State shoppers get a bit of a head start with the state's sales tax holiday starting on a Thursday, and it applies to a wide variety of purchases. During the event, state sales tax will not be collected on clothing and footwear selling for $100 or less; a single purchase of $1,500 or less of personal computers and/or related accessories; and general school supplies with a sales price of $20 or less per item. The state will hold a second sales tax holiday Oct. 1 to Oct. 4 for specific energy- and water-efficient products. Tax officials provide details on that holiday on the Department of Revenue Web site as that holiday nears.
  • Notable exceptions: Clothing accessories (handbags, jewelry, etc.) are not tax-free. As for computers, if the single purchase exceeds $1,500, then the entire transaction is taxable. The sales-tax exemptions do not apply to items sold at theme parks, entertainment complexes, hotels, restaurants and airports.

More information is available at Georgia's sales tax holiday Web page.


  • Tax holiday dates: Aug. 7 to Aug. 8
  • General exempt items: During the first Friday and Saturday of each August in the Hawkeye State, no tax (including school and local option sales levies) will be collected on clothing or footwear items costing less than $100. The tax break is available for each eligible article, regardless of how many items are sold on the same invoice to the same customer. Local option taxes also are not collected during these two days.
  • Notable exceptions: The holiday does not extend into Sunday. All items priced at $100 or more remain taxable. Also check the exempt list carefully. Belts without buckles attached are still taxed during the two holiday days, but if you buy a belt with a buckle on it, the item is tax-free.

More information is available on Iowa's sales tax holiday Web site.


  • Tax holiday dates: Aug. 7 to Aug. 8
  • General exempt items: Pelican State shoppers will not have to pay sales tax on most items purchased for personal use that do not exceed $2,500 each. If a product costs more than the exemption limit, sales tax will be collected on the amount over $2,500.
  • Notable exceptions: Sales tax will continue to be collected on vehicles and restaurant meals, including to-go orders. Also, the holiday does not apply to sales taxes levied by parishes, municipalities, school boards and other state political subdivisions.

More information is available on Louisiana's sales tax holiday Web site and notice of 2009 dates and special retailer information.

-- Updated: July 21, 2009
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