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Here are the highlights of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 that benefit cardholders. The new credit card law may have a negative impact on people who don't carry a balance. To improve your credit score, it helps to pay before the closing date of the statement. How the card issuer reports the card to the credit bureaus determines the effect. Credit cardholders are being hit with interest rate increases. Should you opt out or accept it? Credit card issuers are imposing negative actions even on good customers. Here's what to watch for. Many consumers have gotten cards but never activated them. What does this do to their credit scores? Cardholders who carry a balance lose money every time they make a payment near the due date. Credit card issuers seem to be cutting card limits arbitrarily. Understand your options. The credit card reforms may help consumers, but may also bring unintended consequences. Applying for a secured credit card is essential for those with bad credit or no credit history. Credit card debt is bad enough; be careful of credit card offers that look like a quick fix. When dealing with old credit card debt, it's important to know your limits. Any card can get you in trouble when used too much. Start with credit card comparisons and paying off those high interest cards. A five-minute phone call to your card issuer could save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in interest charges. Will closing lesser-used low-limit (less than $5,000) cards or lines of credit harm or help our overall credit scores, given two or three other higher-limit accounts? What is a credit score and what is it designed to do? What is bad credit? gives insight on credit scores. Before responding to a credit card offer, learn these five steps for improving your credit rating -- and keep more green in your wallet. Shopping for the credit card with the best currency conversion fee can save you cash. Sheyna Steiner explains currency conversion fees related to credit cards. Managing Editor Ellen Cannon blogs about credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, credit scores -- anything related to the plastic in your wallet. How often should people use their credit cards in order to keep the card accounts active? There are plenty of credit card deals to choose from. But finding a good one takes some work and quite a bit of close reading. Bad credit scores can cost you more than just money. Leslie McFadden examines the options to fix a bad credit score. Do you really need all those credit cards? Should you keep the ones you have? When was the last time they were used? Before transferring that hefty credit card balance to a card with a super-low introductory rate, read the fine print and ask questions. Some consumers reach for the debit card for higher-ticket items, rather than using credit cards. Several major credit card issuers, including Citibank, Fleet, American Express, Discover and First USA, are pushing credit cards with zero-percent interest rates. Put four adults in a room and chances are that one of them will have a credit report with a serious error. Rewards credit cards can offer some pleasant savings that nonrewards credit cards can't. How much savings depends on the card and your spending. Some credit cards are better at different stages of life. Make sure to do a credit card comparison before signing up.
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