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Homebuyer and her realtor outside a house | Hero Images/Getty Images

Student loans vs. buying home

These factors determine whether you can save to buy a house while paying student loan debt. Read more

Latest Debt Management Headlines

Pros and cons of balance transfers

Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might not be the best idea.Read more

Debt clock stops after 7 years

If your debt is older than 7 years, show proof to the credit reporting bureau to have it removed.Read more

Bank forecloses, money at risk

If your bank doesn't make enough when the home is sold, it can go after your cash for the difference.Read more

Debt collectors plague military

Service members are under fire from debt collectors and are filing thousands of complaints.Read more

Debt Management Basics

Refinance into home equity loan?

For some homeowners, it could make sense to refinance with a home equity loan.Read more

10 debt consolidation myths

Debt consolidation is supposed to help you fix your credit. But much of what is said about the process is bogus.Read more

10 ways to bounce back from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will cloud your credit, but you can recover. It takes time and discipline, but it isn't unthinkable.Read more

Are you a candidate for bankruptcy?

Consider these three factors before making any consequential decisions, a debt counselor advises.Read more

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Debt Adviser

Don't be seduced by this debt plan

Dear Debt Adviser, I have about $50,000 of debt on credit cards. My credit rating is still high. I am thinking about a debt consolidation loan. Will that adversely affect my credit rating? -- DT Dear DT, The cliche... Read more


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