March 24, 2017 in Credit Cards

What is the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card?

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the top premium travel rewards cards, offering bonuses and perks tailored for consumers who dine out and travel frequently. Cardholders who can justify the pricy annual fee will earn industry-leading rewards when they fly, cruise, rent cars or stay in hotels.

Since its introduction in August 2016, Sapphire Reserve has offered points or rewards-obsessed credit card customers a fantastic sign-up bonus, superior travel rewards and extra benefits that outshine many competitors’ cards.


What makes this card better?

The rewards and annual credits the Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers are on par with the best airline credit cards. This card offers some other perks, as well, including:

Who should apply for a Chase Sapphire Reserve card?

If you dine out, fly or stay in hotels frequently and you have excellent credit, this card may be right for you. Consumers with fair credit should consider another card.

If you don’t travel often enough to justify the high annual fee – and you’re still looking for a card that pays rewards — consider a cash back card with a lower annual fee.

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