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Rewards Credit Cards

What is a rewards credit card?

Rewards cards from our partners offer perks tailored to your likes. There are cards that offer cash-back, airline miles, even free meals at restaurants, saving you cash on your most wanted items. Many cards with rewards also offer bonuses for spending a certain amount within the first few months.

But while some of these cards offer 0% APR introductory periods, they typically carry higher interest rates than other cards once the intro period is up. Be careful though, these cards can come with high interest rates, which can negate your rewards if you typically carry a balance.

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Who should get one?

Want to reap rewards for the purchases you make on a daily basis? The best reward cards from our partners offer cash back, airline miles and points that can be used in myriad ways with every swipe of your plastic. These cards give you the opportunity to get something back for your daily purchases, allowing you to take advantage of your spending habits.

These cards are ideal for individuals with excellent credit who generally pay off their balance in full each month. They are also beneficial to those who frequently spend in particular categories. With reward cards, your regular everyday spending habits get you perks to be used on what you'd like.

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Is my credit good enough?

While some of these cards are offered to those with fair credit, the large majority go to those with good to excellent credit. If your credit isn't in great shape, you may not qualify.

Tips on rewards cards

When browsing card options, consider the types of rewards that apply most to your lifestyle. If you frequently travel, consider an airline or gas card. If your spending is more general, consider cash-back cards.

Keep in mind that not all reward cards are created equal. Some come with annual fees that can negate a percentage of your perks. Carrying a balance can also cause the bonuses you achieve to go out the window.

It's important to compare cards thoroughly before applying. Look over our broad list of reward credit cards to start earning perks today.

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