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Low Interest Credit Cards

What are low interest cards?

Think you're paying too much interest on your credit card balance? Low-interest credit cards from our partners offer competitive APRs, saving you cash each month on finance charges. These cards ease the burden of high-interest credit card payments and allow you to pay down the principal balance of your credit card debt faster.

Who should get one?

You'll have a better chance at qualifying for one of these cards if you have good to excellent credit. You may not qualify if your credit history has some blemishes.

Cards featuring low interest rates are an ideal option for individuals who typically carry a balance and want to keep their monthly interest payments low. Because many of these cards offer 0% APR introductory periods, they can also be useful for those who would like to slowly pay off a large purchase.

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What are some pros and cons?

Low interest cards come with competitive APRs. Many also offer 0% APR introductory periods. That makes these cards beneficial if you frequently carry a balance, or if you're planning to pay off a big purchase slowly. But because they come with a low interest rate, their perks are often not as comprehensive.

Tips on low interest cards

Take advantage of the 0% APR introductory period, which often lasts from 12 to 18 months. Doing so can help maximize the overall benefits of the card, allowing you to pay less interest on your spending habits.

In addition, make sure to compare terms and interest rates thoroughly to find the card that's right for your financial situation.

Use our list of offers to shop for low interest rate credit cards.

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