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Business Credit Cards

What are business credit cards?

Are you shopping for a card that can give your company a helping hand? Small business credit cards from our partners can provide your operation with extra buying power and the ability to track your expenses. These cards typically offer rewards for everyday purchases, allowing you to save money on required expenditures. Compare the best business credit cards to find the one that will fit your company's financial needs.

Who should get one?

These cards are typically designed for and offered to those with excellent credit. If your credit is spotty, you may not qualify.

Business cards are ideal for the small business owner or entrepreneur that would benefit from additional purchasing power and expense tracking. With a business credit card, you earn rewards for daily operational purchases, keeping more cash in the expense account. Some cards offer low APRs, making them useful for the business owner who needs to carry a balance.

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What are some pros and cons?

Business credit cards generally offer rewards on purchases made at business-related merchants, like office supply stores and restaurants. Many also offer quarterly and year-end summaries to track expenditures. By putting all of your business expenses on one card, you'll optimize accounting and save money. But you may be personally liable for any unpaid debt on the card in some cases, which can affect your personal credit score.

Tips on business credit cards

Careful -- some credit card companies will check your personal credit history when you apply for a business card. It's important to ask the credit card company if they'll be reviewing your personal history. Your personal credit could be impacted by any debt on the business card.

It's also crucial to find a card that offers perks tailored to your frequent business expenses such as travel rewards, gas rewards or cash-back.

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