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Travel smart with your plastic

Follow this advice to make sure your cards will be reliable travel companions.

Holiday credit card warning signs

What's your holiday budget? Don't know? That's a clue it's time to start paying with cash.

We compare 2016's top gift cards

Bankrate's review finds more gift cards offer PINs and other security features.

Gift or gift card? The winner is ...

Survey: Americans prefer tangible presents, but most of us plan to give some gift cards anyway.

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Credit Card Blog

Martha C. White

5 credit card fees you can easily avoid

Credit card costs can add up. These strategies can bring down the price of plastic. Read more

Mike Cetera

Why you’ll keep swiping your credit card at the gas station

Both Visa and MasterCard this week announced they would delay for three years an October 2017 rule meant to push gas station operators to install chip-card readers on their pumps. Read more

Mike Cetera

Why older Americans tend to have better credit scores

New data from credit bureau Experian paints a pretty telling picture: Each successive generation has a higher average credit score than the one before it. Read more

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