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Use credit cards to build credit

Credit cards provide the perfect way to build credit, but which type should you use?

Stay safe from credit card fraud

Don't become a victim of credit card fraud. Know what it is and how to fight it.

5 big credit card blunders

You can dig a deep financial hole by telling yourself these missteps aren't so bad.

4 credit mistakes to avoid in 2017

Mistakes always can hurt your wallet, but these blunders are getting more expensive.

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Robin Saks Frankel

Alliant offers a 3% cash-back reward, the best in credit cards

We have a new champion of cash-back credit cards. Read more

Robin Saks Frankel

Best Citibank credit cards

The best Citibank credit cards come packed with extras. From generous cash-back rewards to lengthy balance transfer offers, there's something for nearly every type of spender. Read more

Tony Mecia

Cash back cards become more generous with rewards

Cards rewarding 1.5%, 2% and even 2.5% now offered for the 'set it and forget it' crowd. Read more

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