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Jumbo Flash Report

Our weekly Jumbo Flash Report® lists the highest FDIC-insured Jumbo MMAs and 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 180-day, 1-yr., 2.5 yr., and 5 yr. CD yields being offered on deposits of $100,000 or more. Accounts are available by phone and mail. You also get:

  • Assurance that each institution is safety rated by's Safe & Sound Rating System.
  • Names, locations, phone numbers, rates, compounding methods, and yields
  • Jumbo APY trend table: Current week, last week, and last month
  • Comparative chart: Highest APY by product vs. The BRM National Index average APY for high-yielding products
  • Experts table comparing industry averages for current week, 1-month ago, and 1-year ago for the following:
    • Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal
    • Federal Discount Rate
    • 91 and 182-day T-Bill auction average discount rate
    • One and Two-Year Treasury Constant Maturity
    • 11th District Cost of Funds
    • Bond Buyer's 20 bond index

The Jumbo Flash Report® is published every Wednesday and is available with same-day delivery through fax, e-mail, or delivery via 1st Class Mail. Sorry, no cancellations or refunds.

26 weeks $ 154
52 weeks $ 245
104 weeks $398

To order the newsletter, call 1-800-327-7717 ext. 11511

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