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100 Highest Yields

The 100 Highest Yields® weekly newsletter provides the highest FDIC-insured yields on CDs and Money Market Accounts.
You also get:

  • Names, locations, phone numbers, rates, compounding methods and yields of top-paying, federally-insured banks and thrifts
  • Account minimums--as low as $100 or less
  • Assurance that each institution is safely rated by's Safe & Sound Rating System.
  • Features specialty rate tables (IRAs or CDs) alternated weekly with useful investing articles
  • The highest yields on mini-jumbo CDs accounts (minimum deposit $25,000 or $50,000)
  • The highest 1-mo., 3.-mo., and 6-mo.,jumbo yields (minimum $100,000)

The 100 Highest Yields® newsletter is published every Tuesday and is available with same-day delivery through fax, e-mail, or delivery via 1st class mail. Sorry, no cancellations or refunds.

26 weeks $ 70
52 weeks $ 124
104 weeks $210

To order the newsletter, call 1-800-327-7717 ext. 11511

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