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10 places to find temporary work

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Where to look
Now that you know the jobs are out there, how do you find them? Steele says a good approach is to identify what you want to do and where you want to work.

"Temporary jobs can give you experience in industries and careers you might not have otherwise thought of trying, without a long-term commitment," says Steele.

Once you have zeroed in on a few choices, go directly to the companies and apply in person.

"Be bold and keen enough to go straight to the organization and express your interest in working with it," she says. "Ask immediately to fill out an application."

Today, people often rely on the speed and convenience of the Internet when applying for a job. Steele says this is a mistake.

"What you don't want to do is e-mail first," Steele points out. "There is too much spam, and your e-mail could easily be deleted. You're not a personality when you send an e-mail."

If you can't walk in the door, do the next best thing -- call. If you aren't able to immediately speak with the human resources person, leave a voice message saying who you are and that you are interested in working there. Follow up the phone call with an e-mail.

Another good way to find a temporary job is to get the word out to everyone you know, Steele says. Word-of-mouth can be one of the best ways to find employment. Steele recommends being very specific about what you want and asking questions targeted toward getting the answers you need.

Examples of questions to ask when job-hunting:
"I'd really like to work in a flower shop. Do you know any owner or manager who is hiring?"
"I want to work for the ABC Corporation. Do you know anyone there I can talk with?"

People looking for temporary work often hit pay dirt in unexpected places, Steele says. For example, colleges and supermarkets often advertise temporary employment on the walls of their buildings.

"Some employers may use bulletin boards because they don't want to pay for ads," she says.

Doyle agrees that job opportunities often pop up in unexpected places.

"I saw a sign on the counter in the deli department of my local supermarket advertising job openings and saw another sign at McDonald's," Doyle says.

In addition to word-of-mouth and window signs, don't forget to look in the standard places -- online and in newspapers and television. When searching online, use keywords such as "seasonal" or "temp."'s corrections policy -- Posted: Nov. 13, 2007
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